When will I see the results?

When will I see the results?

This is a question I am bombarded with daily as a Beachbody Coach so I’d like to address this concern and help manage expectations.

We live in an instant world where all of life’s answers are a click and swipe away. We often lose sight of the value of hard work and the Compound Effect—the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices or efforts .*

There are many solutions thrown in our faces daily for losing weight: Lap Band, Weight Watchers, Liposuction, Gastric Bypass Surgery—most of which promise instant results and instant happiness.

Does this look the the healthy way to lose weight?

Unfortunately, the above mentioned methods may provide a quick fix, but are not healthy and are not sustainable in the long run. In fact, surgical procedures and drastic changes to the body’s natural ecosystem have been shown to be quite detrimental for long term health.

I have a tough time understanding the thought process of someone undergoing such drastic measures to lose weight. The love of food and overindulgence of it is the main cause for obesity and heart disease. So rather than exercise and eat healthy, people are willing to give up the food they enjoy forever so they can see results overnight? Where is the logic in this?

Be Patient People

“Rome was not built in a day and neither was your body”  -  Tony Horton

So back to the question I get all the time that resembles that need for instant gratification, “When I am going to see the big results from doing these Beachbody programs?”

You need to trust in the program and the nutrition guide that using. If your program is 90 days, wait and see what happens after you’ve completed it. There is a reason that P90x not called P30x—because it takes time for your body to change.

The one little workout you do each day, over time, will compound into a huge change—OVER TIME.

Health and fitness are not  60 or 90 day programs, they’re for life. Everyone’s body is different, some people lose a lot of weight quickly and some build muscle. Some take longer to see changes than others and the focus should be on doing one workout a day and each day you do it your body will make changes and one day you will wake up and you will have those results.

Ask yourself these questions when you aren’t seeing the results you want:

  • Am I pushing myself as hard as I can go every workout?
  • Am I tracking my food consumption and eating healthy every day?
  • Am I drinking enough water every day?
  • Am I taking pictures every 30 days to track my progress?
  • Am I sticking to the plan and schedule that Beachbody has laid out for me?

If your answer is no to any of these questions, refocus on your goals and dial it in.

There is no magic pill that will give you the body and the health that you want. It’s a series of small actions (workouts and eating healthy daily) over a period of time that will have no immediate result, but the accumulated compound effect of these actions will be profound.

Keep pushing play, keep plugging in to your support groups and keep an open mind to the big picture.

* Darry Hardy- The Compound Effect

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