Tony’s Story

I’ve been an athlete my entire life and like many, found it hard to make the time and put in the energy to getting in and staying in shape when my career ended.  I identified myself as an athlete (basketball player) and had a hard time defining myself and who I was.

My career ended in 2001 when I was cut from the Sydney Kings Basketball Club of the Australian Basketball League after a 2 month stint with the team.  I’d been a basketball player for my entire life…now what?

Because of my desire to be around basketball, I started my own business in 2003 called Triple Threat Academy ( training kids how to play basketball through camps, clinics and private instruction.  At the time, we were working with elite kids (college and pro) and I sacrificed every weekend for 6 years to build my business.  Luckily, we played a lot of pickup games after the workouts so I stayed in game shape.

Playing the D in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Club Municipal

My hoops “career” was reborn in 2005 I got an opportunity to play again professionally in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and took full advantage.  Luckily, I was in decent shape because of the training I was doing with the kids.

After my last go of it, I dedicated myself to my business and decided to go back to grad school.  While getting my degree in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology I decided I still needed to play.  One day after class I was walking by the gym and there was a game of pickup going on and I decided to join.

About 10 minutes in I went by my man to finish at the rim and SNAP, I ruptured my ACL and down I went.  Fast forward 12 months later (and tons of rehab) and I was actually more athletic than I was before the tear.  I was always a 1 foot jumper and couldn’t dunk off 2 feet–after rehabbing I could do both!

After finishing my rehab, I bought P90x because I saw the commercial 20,000 times when laying in bed.  I am a sucker for ‘as seen on tv’, so I bought it.  This was in 2007, well before P90x was a household name.  I did the program for 30 days (diet too) and got absolutely shredded…but a rib injury from playing hoops put me back on the sidelines.

Wow, what a turd I’ve become! (Nov 2009)

This is where my health started to take a dump!  I got content with what I had accomplished and took the next year bulking up, on poor diet and no exercise.  I had basically let myself go.

I’ve always been blessed with a lean body, overweight for me is 20lbs and usually noticed in the midsection and face.  So my story isn’t about losing 80 lbs and getting ripped, it’s more about me becoming unathletic and lazy.

I had to make a change after a parent of one of the kids I was training said to me, “Hey Ton, you are getting big!”  I thought he meant my arms because I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and my arms were looking good.  “Yeah, you must have gained 20 lbs in the last year, I barely recognize you.”

Wow, that was all the motivation I needed to get back on P90x.  For 90 days I brought it, followed the meal plan most of the time and got in the best shape I’d been in since my playing days.  My level of strength was off the charts, went from 3 legit pull-ups to 27 in just 3 months!

The day I finished, I texted my before and after pics to the parent and simply said, “Thanks.”  He was blown away and couldn’t believe it.  I was satisfied, but not totally.  I threw in 6 weeks of Insanity and I was feeling pretty good.

Again, for the next year I decided to do nothing again.  I started to feel my knee getting loose again and knew something had to happen when on a trip to Croatia, my knee buckled and I fell.

Fast forward to June 2011 and a post came up on my Facebook news feed –  Asylum Challenge Video posted by

After 1 Round of P90x2


After watching that video, I was fired up!  I bought Insanity Asylum and I am back on the road to fitness.  Asylum is exactly what I had been looking for, overall fitness and a program geared toward athletes (or ex-athletes)!!

Thanks for checking in, keep posted for updates and news on my site.

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