Tame the Nutrition Ogre- Getting Started

Just like the Nerds of Lambda, Lambda, Lambda, you need to “put one foot, in front of the other foot”  if you want to see change.

Lewis and Gilbert faced an uphill battle against Ogre and his crew and after much diligence and planning,  they implemented high-tech warfare against the jocks and won the girls.

Your struggle with nutrition is no different.  You will face many Ogres on your journey (fast food, temptation and friends telling you that your new diet is crazy) and with your high-tech arsenal  (myfitnesspal.com and facebook.com) you will get the support you need to crush the Ogres and reach your goals.

If you are going to commit to a program to change your body, your foundation needs to start on the inside by dialing in your nutrition.

80% of your results come from putting the right things in your body in the right amounts.  Working out alone won’t give you the results you truly want, but adding a focused nutritional piece to the puzzle will give you years back on your life.

I am suggesting a lifestyle and nutritional change, not a crash diet.  You can eat what you want and it doesn’t have to be boring, just in moderation.

The challenge is to eat clean.  What does it mean to eat clean?   Getting rid of processed foods, eating more lean meats (chicken, fish and turkey), eating more fruit and vegetables, eating grains and beans and jumping off the fast food train because it’s headed to a bad  place.

What we show you in the video is a foundation to begin your lifelong journey to being healthy.  Watch it as many times as it takes until you feel comfortable with your knowledge of kick starting your nutrition into overdrive.


  • What are proteins, fats and carbs?
  • How do I measure/weigh what I eat?
  • How do I accurately track my nutrition?
  • How to avoid the the Omega Mu house

If you have any questions, do so in the comment section below.

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