Challenge: Getting Started Guide

Challenge Quick Start Guide

You have just made of the best decisions of your life, to make a change for the next 60/90 days that will impact you for years to come.

This will be fun and here is just a guide to get you started.  Please go through all the information and email with any questions

Keep in mind, this will not be easy.  At times, you will want to quit.  At times you will want to go to Burger King and Taco Bell.  It’s only 60/90 days of all out commitment to get in the best shape of your life!

All exercises can be modified and the key is just to do YOUR best to get through each workout and push yourself every day.  Your best effort is all I ask.

Remember, it’s only 60/90 days!  And I doubt anyone one of you will be upset 60/90 days from now after you’ve completed this.

Remember, you are doing this at home, at your own pace and on your own time for the next 60/90 days.

We are connecting on Facebook to hold each accountable and share our thoughts and talk a little mess.

Step 1:  Go Through the nutrition guide and select which phase is best for you.

Step 2:  Take your before pictures
  • Guide to Taking Before Pics:  Pictures are the best way to measure your results, not the scale. /pics

Beachbody offers lots of cash prizes for transformations.  Take as many pics and videos of your progress.

Step 3-  Decide Which Equipment you will need

  • For P90x: the minimum is a pull up bar and dumbbells.  If you don’t want to use either of these, you can also do the workouts with resistance bands.
  • For Insanity:  No Equipment is needed.
  • For Inanity Asylum:  It comes with most equipment, but a pull up bar and dumbbells are recommended
  • For Chalean:  Dumbbells, everything else comes with it
For most programs, a set of dumbbells are recommended to have handy.

Feel free to add more to your workout:  Push Up Stands, Adjustable Dumbbells, Heart Rate Monitor–all are highly recommended but not necessary.  For a full list of products, please go here:

Step 4-  Create and Account with is a Free website that helps you count your calories on a day to day basis.

Make a free account, play around with it and start logging the food you eat (all you do is type in the food and brand and it calculates all the info for you) and see how much you are really eating

Nutrition will be 80% of your results.

After you make a free account, add me as a friend:  pureathletefitness


Here is a good article on how to set it up: Click Here

1)  Manually go in and set your goals depending on what nutrition level you are on (Fat Shredder, Energy Booster, Endurance Maximizer):   HOME >  GOALS  >  UPDATE GOALS MANUALLY

2)  Share your diary with friends, this way you can see what I am eating and I can help you by seeing what you are eating:  SETTINGS >  DIARY SETTINGS  >  SHARE

3)  Do not use myfitnesspal to log your workouts, just nutrition.

Step 5- Start plugging into our group on Facebook

This is where we will hold each other accountable for what we are and aren’t doing.  You have joined a team for next 90 days, time to start working together.

Support is key to making it through this challenge–plug in and get all the guidance and support you need.

Remember, this group is CLOSED.  So only coaches have access to let people in and anything you post there will NOT post to your personal wall/timeline.

Step 6- Buy a small food scale

This might be the most important of all the pieces to the puzzle.

The Biggest Loser digital scale is recommended,  It costs $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond (make sure you bring a BB+B coupon with you!)

Weighing and measuring all your food for the next 60/90 days will give you the best results.

Step 7-  Prepare Food

Clean out your fridge and kitchen of all the junk and make a trip to the store to buy some healthy food!

If you are going to take a 60/90 day journey, might as well make the most of it.  This will be a fun and incredible journey and  I am here to answer all your questions and help you through the process.

Step 8-  Set short term (weekly) and long term (60/90 days) GOALS

Make these goals realistic and attainable.  Remember the Compound Effect, a little bit of work over time leads to exponential gains.

Let’s do it!!!

Step 9-  Add yourself to yourself to the Team Pure Athlete Facebook Group!

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