P90x2 Official Preorder- Sept 1

You will be able to Preorder P90X2 through this site on September 1st!

That’s right, you will be able to purchase P90X 2 on September 1st, only through a coach (like this website), no where else!!!  They are expecting demand through the roof and expecting P90X2 to sell-out before the holidays. Expected release date is late December so if you are one of the early pre-orders, you will have guaranteed delivery in time for the holidays.

Top 7 reasons to order P90X 2 through this site:

  1. Free shipping for all pre-orders
  2. Your credit card will NOT be charged until it ships in December!
  3. You will be added to the official Beachbody pre-order list and reserve your copy before they run out!
  4. You will receive 2 extra exclusive Tony Horton 1on1 workouts for FREE
  5. 1 week advance time to order before the masses find out about it
  6. Pre-orders will be entered into a weekly drawing for extra prizes and a chance for Tony Horton to deliver P90X2 TO YOUR DOOR
  7. You’ll receive free coaching from a 2-time P90X and Insanity Asylum Graduate: Tony! Check out my Transformation.

3 options available in the P90X2 Preorder

  1. Base Kit — includes 12 workouts, fitness guide and new P90X2 Nutrition Guide : DVD $119 or Bluray $149
  2. Deluxe Kit — includes 14 workouts, fitness guide, new P90X2 Nutrition Guide, 2 medicine balls, 1 balance ball and roller pad:  DVD $240  or Bluray $299
  3. Ultimate Kit — includes everything from Deluxe Kit but also includes power stand and better roller pad: DVD $299 or Bluray $360

What makes P90X2 unique?

  • It represents the most modern thinking in sports science
  • It focus on strength, balance, mobility, explosive power
  • It’s so demanding that it’s only 5 days a week with 2 days of rest
  • It takes what they learned in p90x, Insanity, Asylum and Turbofire and improves on it
  • Going to focus on muscular imbalances
  • More open ended, can stay in phases longer until you’re ready, can plan your recovery weeks
  • More compartmentalized, more focused, more targeted
  • Training for sport
  • P90X2 Diet Guide is more versatile

What is this new PAP talked about in P90X2?

PAP stands for post-activation-potentiation. It came from Russian schools focused on athlete training. In a nut-shell, essentially, when doing a weighted resistance exercise prior to an explosive move, one can increase the amount of power produced by conditioned individuals. The last part is key.. you will need to be conditioned before this will work for you. So the 2 new PAP workouts are not even introduced until the 3rd phase of the program!

Who is P90X2 targeted for?

  • Athletes, former athletes
  • Graduates of P0wer 90, P90X
  • Graduates of Insanity, Insanity Asylum,
  • Graduates of TurboFire and ChaLEAN Extreme

How is P90X2 structured?

Phase 1: 3-5 weeks –Foundation
Phase 2: 3-6 weeks –Strength
Phase 3: 3-4 weeks –Performance
Won’t see PAP until Phase 3
Results you can expect:
Phase 1: You’ll move better, You’ll feel better, less likely to be injured
Phase 2: stronger through a wider range of motion, you’ll get more supple, you’ll
look good
Phase 3: You’ll jump higher, run faster, be more explosive, you will start to feel
like a kid again

What kind of P90X2 Gear is required?

P90X Pull-up bar
Weights or resistance bands
Medicine balls (new)
Balance balls (new)
Roller pad (new)
Push-up power stands (optional for better chest development)
Chin-up Assist (new and optional for better pull-ups)

Video previews of P90X2


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