Insanity Asylum- 90 Day Fit Test Results

Final Back Flex

What an incredible journey it’s been the last 90 days…a journey to get back in GAME shape.

The first week of Insanity Asylum you think that there’s no way to get through the first 30 days.  As you surpass the 30 day mark, the need to push harder becomes apparent and every workout needs to be magnified.

Let’s add reps, let’s add more weight, let’s add a weighted medicine ball, let’s add a weighted backpack…let’s do all of this barefoot!  As you see your body change, so does your motivation.

Over the past 90 days, I never missed a workout (If I did I doubled up the next day) and through all the distractions and travel:  5 Weddings, 1 bachelor party, a trip to Boston/Maine, a trip to Chicago/South Bend, family camping trips, river floats, owning 2 businesses and countless activities that tested my nutrition…I did it.

I completed an urban marathon where I rode 15 miles through the hills of San Francisco and ran 5 miles…never stopped once and the only training I did was Insanity Asylum.

What a program Shaun T and Beachbody put together.  So good, my girlfriend just completed her first 30 days in the Asylum and she is loving it!

Now the next 2 challenges.  As I pack my bags for 2 weeks in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam…I also have with me my jump rope, speed ladder, bands, Shakeology and Results and Recovery!  Can we stay focused with so many distractions?  Check back in 2 weeks for some awesome video.

And finally, getting ready for P90x2.  It will be here soon, I will be ready, will you?

In 90 days I accomplished:

  • Dunked a basketball again (see video)
  • Got down to 12% Body Fat (started around 21%)
  • Transformed my eating habits
  • Have confidence to say I am an ATHLETE again

Here are my Day 0 and Day 90 Fit Test Results

Day 0 Day 90
Agility Heisman 7.5  9.5
In Out Ab 25 (Level 1)  (Level 2)  43
Pull Up (Wide Front) 9  32
Mtn Climber Switch Kicks 70  130
Agility Shoulder Taps 4  6.5
X Jump 20  36
Moving Push Up 2.5  4.5
Agility Ladder Shuffle 9  16.5
Bear Crawl 5  12





















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