Have an Apartment? Entering the Asylum?

Don't have the space?

I need more space!

Have you seen the Insanity Asylum preview video and thought to yourself, “My apartment/condo is too small for a program that intense?”

I thought the same thing and also had this issue with some of the P90x workouts.  Not only is lack of space a negative to the program, but having downstairs neighbors can rough as well–especially during the Plyo and Speed workouts.

I once ran into my neighbor in the parking garage after doing a P90x session of Plyometrics and he asked me, “Hey man, did you get a trampoline upstairs?  Sounds like there is tons of jumping going on.”

That’s when I knew I needed a change and since I love the Beachbody products so much, I knew I had to find a way to make them work.

So I ended up  putting the Insanity Asylum workouts on my MP3 player–I figured after I watched them a couple times all I needed was Shaun T’s voice  inspiring me to finish the workout. 

Now I needed a place to do the workouts and this was easy for me, because it didn’t matter where I had to work out, I just wanted to bring it!

There is a local park by my house with the new turf field that was my go to workout spot, I’ve worked out at 24 Hour Fitness, I’ve worked out in hotel rooms…I even sometimes work out in the parking garage of my apartment complex!

Several neighbors have entered the Concrete Asylum (my new name for my parking garage)  while I was working out and had very curious looks on their faces and couldn’t quite grasp while I was doubled over on the cement in a pool of my own sweat with a speed ladder and jump rope laying next to me.

I know, Beachbody sells these as at home fitness programs, but as the workouts progress and get harder, so does the space required to properly do the workouts and for some of us that means we have get creative to get in our workouts..

How did you get the videos converted to MP3?

There are several ways to get the audio from your DVD and put in on your MP3 player.  I prefer putting in on a smaller MP3 player like the Ipod Shuffle because with all the intense movements and jumping, a big device will just get in the way.

I hope this helps with those of you who are spatially challenged and still want to get the most out of your workouts!

  1. You can hold up a digital recorder or your cell phone (if it has a voice recording app) to the TV and that will automatically save as an Mp3
  2. You can use software to rip the DVD into a format that will fit on your Ipod/Iphone/Ipad (with video) and then use that same software to convert the video to MP3.   I use Super AV Converter and it has been great.

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