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Team Pure Athlete it growing by the day with motivated people who are either trying to help others or trying to help themselves.

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We are officially on the last 3 days of our first Challenge Groups and the results are absolutely impressive.  I will be highlighting some of the All-Stars with their stories and results.  These challenges are not just about weight loss, they are about getting healthy and fit and making a lifestyle change.

Why are the Challenge Groups producing such great results?  I believe it’s because folks are given the 3 things they need for ultimate success:

  1. An awesome workout program
  2. Nutrition plan and Shakeology
  3. Support- Daily group support from others doing the same workouts as you

Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler posted on the blog that over 700,000 people have taken the challenge this year alone–there must be something good going on with these challenges.

Challenges last anywhere from 60-90 days depending on the program you choose.  From our first challenge, we have a many that are posting 10-15 lb weight loss, some 20-25 lbs lost and even got a report today of a 45+ lbs weight loss!  All from pushing play and following the nutrition plan laid out.

Are you ready to start in a Challenge Group?  Team Pure Athlete has 3 new groups starting June 18th:

  • P90x (Men Only- 90 day)
  • Insanity (Co-ed- 60 day)
  • Chalean Extreme (Women only- 90 day)

Spots will fill fast, typically I allow 5-7 people in each group.  Get started now with your Challenge Pack!

Please email me back as soon as possible to reserve your spot!


I would also like to share Nick’s story, he recently completed both an Insanity Challenge and an Insanity Asylum Challenge.  Congrats on the awesome results!  To see his entire story, click here.

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