Coach Tony Checking In

Lots of stuff has been going on with Team Pure Athlete over the past month and if you haven’t noticed, the Team is growing each day as more and more people want to be part of something  positive and get their health in check.  Our Team goal is to help 1,000 people get healthy by the end of 2012 and we are well on our way.

If you haven’t joined our Facebook group yet, you are missing out.  It’s a growing community of people looking for answers, looking for support and looking for a positive place to meet people and share experiences.  Click here to join


We just finished our first round of challenges and I’ve been highlighting the team members who completed the challenge and had awesome results.   We have so many that rocked the challenge, a new team member will be highlighted each week.

The transformations have been pretty awesome and if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look and check back weekly for new and exciting stories and before and after photos!


Our new set of challenges begin today (P90x, Insanity, Chalean Extreme, Slim in 6 and Asylum) and we have over 50 people who’ve signed up to Take the Challenge and are ready to ramp up their health and fitness!

If you are interested in joining, send an email to me at and let me know which one you’d like to join.

Challenges are a great way to get through your workouts because they offer the 3 most important things to help you reach your goals:

  1. The DVD Workouts
  2. Nutritional Guidance and Shakeology
  3. The Group Support and Motivation and free coaching
Don’t work out alone, join a group of others doing the same workouts on the same day and push each other to finish and get the best results you can.
2012 Coach Summit

I will be heading to Las Vegas on Thursday morning for the Beachbody Coach Summit!  What is Beachbody Coach Summit you ask?

It’s a 3 day fitness extravaganza where over 6,000 Beachbody Coaches with gather to workout with Tony Horton and Shaun T, learn about the newest and greatest Beachbody products and attend learning seminars on how to coach you at a higher level and help you better reach your goals!

I will have lots of info next week and I am so excited and honored to represent Team Pure Athlete!  Stay tuned and stay plugged in.  More articles are coming and if you have a topic you’d like me to write about, let me know!

And 2 favors that I ask:

1) If you like the hard work I put into writing my articles and videos, PLEASE help me out by sharing them.  Click the share links below them and share them on FB, twitter, etc.  It really helps me get more exposure and grow Pure Athlete Fitness!

2) Also, as always, remember that the way I benefit from being your coach is that I earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site,, or by logging into to do your shopping (If you buy from the plain Beach body site I get no credit). It helps with the amount of time I spend answering all your questions and helping you out. Thank you, I really appreciate it!

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