P90x2 Foundation Phase- My Review

Beachbody does a great job of 3 things: 1)  Putting out programs that work 2)  Delivering results 3)  Adapting to changes in fitness   Fitness goals and trends are always changing.  In the 80′s, everyone wanted to be Mr. Olympia–spending hours in gym making loud grunt noises so the whole gym knew they were maxing [...]

P90x2 “the next Jordan”?

There is a lot of talk that P90x2 does not live up to the hype and is inferior to the legendary P90x. Having graduated P90x (2 times), Insanity and 90 days in the Asylum–I am here to say that P90x2  ‘kicks the pants’ off its original offering–if, and I mean if, you are interested in [...]

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