90 Day Asylum Results Video

90 days in the Asylum- 15 days in South East Asia.  I got some great footage of how I brought it even while on vacation.  See my results.


P90x2 Foundation Phase- My Review

Beachbody does a great job of 3 things:

1)  Putting out programs that work
2)  Delivering results
3)  Adapting to changes in fitness

The Evolution of Exercise


Fitness goals and trends are always changing.  In the 80’s, everyone wanted to be Mr. Olympia–spending hours in gym making loud grunt noises so the whole gym knew they were maxing out.

In the 90’s, people wanted quick fixes that didn’t take a lot of time–a lot less heavy lifting and a lot more cardio.   All sorts of new machines came onto the scene: Stairmaster, Versaclimber, Nordic Track–people loved to simulate real life events on machines.

And how about now?  The new standard (not a trend) is functional fitness.

Lean, mean, performance machines.

I define functional fitness as:  putting your body in best position possible to excel in both athletics and day to day activities while preventing injury and obtaining desirable results.

It doesn’t make sense to bench press 300 lbs and not have the flexibility to swing a golf club or raise up your arms high enough to shoot a basketball.

Fitness evolves so rapidly and so has the way to go about getting functional results (even since P90x).

Movements in day to day life (as well as in sports) require a coordination of multiple body parts moving and grooving at once– so shouldn’t we train this way too?

This guy is not ripped, but will tear you up!

So P90x2 strives to make us all functional and in the process make us strong, athletic and ripped.

A lot of people focus on what they look like in the mirror rather than what tasks their bodies can perform.

Have you ever noticed that all NFL linemen have large guts, but they could crush 90% of the world population in a sprint or flexibility contest.  It’s not about image, it’s about performance for your given task.

The Foundation Phase of P90x2 works on the core and often tests your limits of how many movements you can do at one time and how many different muscles you can engage simultaneously.

It’s not easy at first.  The first week the workouts seemed a bit “soft” because I spent most of my time learning new movements and struggling to coordinate my body.

With the mastery of these new movements came a whole new sense of pushing it and working out.  No, my isolated muscle groups have yet to show the fatigue of P90x Chest and Back, but then again, the P90x2 workouts leave me toppled over to the point that not ONE muscle in my body can do another rep.

Burning 800-1000 calories per hour with no cardio seems like a good workout to me.  Add a Strength Phase and a Performance Phase and both the visual and functional results will be there in 90 days!

If you are totally out of shape, this is not the program for you.

If you want instant visual Infomercial results in 30 days, this probably isn’t the program for you–stick with P90x.

If you want amazing 90 day results and want to be able to dunk a basketball again or beat your kid in a lap around the track–P90x2 is for you.

The Foundation Phase of P90x2 tests your balance, your coordination, your core strength, your mobility, your stamina and your overall level of fitness.  The more you improve in all these areas, the better you can perform and the harder the workouts become.

Again, let’s not compare this to P90x–it’s something totally new and is using the latest movements to reach maximum functional athleticism.

Bring on the Strength Phase!

P90x2 “the next Jordan”?

Me dunking 60 days into Asylum--hope to 360 at the end of P90x2

There is a lot of talk that P90x2 does not live up to the hype and is inferior to the legendary P90x.

Having graduated P90x (2 times), Insanity and 90 days in the Asylum–I am here to say that P90x2  ‘kicks the pants’ off its original offering–if, and I mean if, you are interested in an overall increase in athleticism.

Is that to say P90x still isn’t awesome?  Not at all.


The two programs are totally different and it all depends on what you are looking to get out of your workouts.  Most people starting P90x2 are in much better shape than when they started P90x and as we all know, P90x set the bar very high for workouts and results throughout the fitness world.


It’s easy to make quick judgements about P90x2 because the only comparison most people have is to P90x.  I think all graduates of P90x can remember how hard Plyo Push-Ups were the first time Tony convinced us to get airborne, and now we can do them in our sleep.


People want to see instant results:  drop in weight, muscles showing, body fat lowering and incredible before and after videos.  Tony Horton and Beachbody put together such an incredible program that anything coming after P90x is seen as “the next Jordan” that doesn’t live up to the hype.  P90x produces incredible results time and time again.

Fast forward 7 years later and what we now have is something completely different.  It’s like trying to compare Wilt and Shaq, you just can’t do it because they played in different eras, against different caliber players and basketball evolved and is still evolving.

That’s like trying to compare P90x to P90x2–both will dominate the eras that they played in and one is a result of  of the other.  Without P90x laying the groundwork, P90x2 would be a pigment of our imaginations.

Now, do you want to become an exceptional athlete?    Take your fitness to the next level?  Enter P90x2.


I haven’t done the full 90 days so I don’t know if the visual transformation of this program will compete with that of P90x, but I do know, having completed all the workouts, I will be an athletic freak (as much as I can be at 33 years old) when all is said and done.

After years of playing athletics at the highest levels possible, I know that it takes time to see long lasting results and this is where P90x2 will lead you.

Phase 1:  Foundation –  You have to crawl before you run
Phase 2:  Strength – Get those muscles ready for the change
Phase 3:  Performance – This is where the magic happens, muscles firing on all cylinders

So maybe there won’t be another Jordan, just like there will not be another P90x.  But as the game evolves, we see players like LeBron James that take the game to another level and do things that a 6-8, 260 lb player could not do in Jordan’s era and this is what P90x2 is–an evolution of an at home workout that has changed millions of lives.

Can’t wait to show my results and X2 Crew, let’s get it done!


Insanity Asylum- 90 Day Fit Test Results

What an incredible journey it’s been the last 90 days…a journey to get back in GAME shape.

The first week of Insanity Asylum you think that there’s no way to get through the first 30 days.  As you surpass the 30 day mark, the need to push harder becomes apparent and every workout needs to be magnified.

Let’s add reps, let’s add more weight, let’s add a weighted medicine ball, let’s add a weighted backpack…let’s do all of this barefoot!  As you see your body change, so does your motivation.

Over the past 90 days, I never missed a workout (If I did I doubled up the next day) and through all the distractions and travel:  5 Weddings, 1 bachelor party, a trip to Boston/Maine, a trip to Chicago/South Bend, family camping trips, river floats, owning 2 businesses and countless activities that tested my nutrition…I did it.

I completed an urban marathon where I rode 15 miles through the hills of San Francisco and ran 5 miles…never stopped once and the only training I did was Insanity Asylum.

What a program Shaun T and Beachbody put together.  So good, my girlfriend just completed her first 30 days in the Asylum and she is loving it!

Now the next 2 challenges.  As I pack my bags for 2 weeks in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam…I also have with me my jump rope, speed ladder, bands, Shakeology and Results and Recovery!  Can we stay focused with so many distractions?  Check back in 2 weeks for some awesome video.

And finally, getting ready for P90x2.  It will be here soon, I will be ready, will you?

In 90 days I accomplished:

  • Dunked a basketball again (see video)
  • Got down to 12% Body Fat (started around 21%)
  • Transformed my eating habits
  • Have confidence to say I am an ATHLETE again

Here are my Day 0 and Day 90 Fit Test Results

Day 0 Day 90
Agility Heisman 7.5  9.5
In Out Ab 25 (Level 1)  (Level 2)  43
Pull Up (Wide Front) 9  32
Mtn Climber Switch Kicks 70  130
Agility Shoulder Taps 4  6.5
X Jump 20  36
Moving Push Up 2.5  4.5
Agility Ladder Shuffle 9  16.5
Bear Crawl 5  12





















Vertical Test

After 60 days in the Asylum, I met one of my goals–to dunk a basketball again!

Day 60- Asylum/P90x Results

I just finished day 60 in the Asylum, planning on doing 30 more days to get ready for P90x2

I am not doing the fit test this time around, I am going to wait until I finish completely.  The new goal is to dunk a basketball again jumping off my bum knee!



















P90x2 Official Preorder- Sept 1

You will be able to Preorder P90X2 through this site on September 1st!

That’s right, you will be able to purchase P90X 2 on September 1st, only through a coach (like this website), no where else!!!  They are expecting demand through the roof and expecting P90X2 to sell-out before the holidays. Expected release date is late December so if you are one of the early pre-orders, you will have guaranteed delivery in time for the holidays.

Top 7 reasons to order P90X 2 through this site:

  1. Free shipping for all pre-orders
  2. Your credit card will NOT be charged until it ships in December!
  3. You will be added to the official Beachbody pre-order list and reserve your copy before they run out!
  4. You will receive 2 extra exclusive Tony Horton 1on1 workouts for FREE
  5. 1 week advance time to order before the masses find out about it
  6. Pre-orders will be entered into a weekly drawing for extra prizes and a chance for Tony Horton to deliver P90X2 TO YOUR DOOR
  7. You’ll receive free coaching from a 2-time P90X and Insanity Asylum Graduate: Tony! Check out my Transformation.

3 options available in the P90X2 Preorder

  1. Base Kit — includes 12 workouts, fitness guide and new P90X2 Nutrition Guide : DVD $119 or Bluray $149
  2. Deluxe Kit — includes 14 workouts, fitness guide, new P90X2 Nutrition Guide, 2 medicine balls, 1 balance ball and roller pad:  DVD $240  or Bluray $299
  3. Ultimate Kit — includes everything from Deluxe Kit but also includes power stand and better roller pad: DVD $299 or Bluray $360

What makes P90X2 unique?

  • It represents the most modern thinking in sports science
  • It focus on strength, balance, mobility, explosive power
  • It’s so demanding that it’s only 5 days a week with 2 days of rest
  • It takes what they learned in p90x, Insanity, Asylum and Turbofire and improves on it
  • Going to focus on muscular imbalances
  • More open ended, can stay in phases longer until you’re ready, can plan your recovery weeks
  • More compartmentalized, more focused, more targeted
  • Training for sport
  • P90X2 Diet Guide is more versatile

What is this new PAP talked about in P90X2?

PAP stands for post-activation-potentiation. It came from Russian schools focused on athlete training. In a nut-shell, essentially, when doing a weighted resistance exercise prior to an explosive move, one can increase the amount of power produced by conditioned individuals. The last part is key.. you will need to be conditioned before this will work for you. So the 2 new PAP workouts are not even introduced until the 3rd phase of the program!

Who is P90X2 targeted for?

  • Athletes, former athletes
  • Graduates of P0wer 90, P90X
  • Graduates of Insanity, Insanity Asylum,
  • Graduates of TurboFire and ChaLEAN Extreme

How is P90X2 structured?

Phase 1: 3-5 weeks –Foundation
Phase 2: 3-6 weeks –Strength
Phase 3: 3-4 weeks –Performance
Won’t see PAP until Phase 3
Results you can expect:
Phase 1: You’ll move better, You’ll feel better, less likely to be injured
Phase 2: stronger through a wider range of motion, you’ll get more supple, you’ll
look good
Phase 3: You’ll jump higher, run faster, be more explosive, you will start to feel
like a kid again

What kind of P90X2 Gear is required?

P90X Pull-up bar
Weights or resistance bands
Medicine balls (new)
Balance balls (new)
Roller pad (new)
Push-up power stands (optional for better chest development)
Chin-up Assist (new and optional for better pull-ups)

Video previews of P90X2


Have an Apartment? Entering the Asylum?

Don't have the space?

I need more space!

Have you seen the Insanity Asylum preview video and thought to yourself, “My apartment/condo is too small for a program that intense?”

I thought the same thing and also had this issue with some of the P90x workouts.  Not only is lack of space a negative to the program, but having downstairs neighbors can rough as well–especially during the Plyo and Speed workouts.

I once ran into my neighbor in the parking garage after doing a P90x session of Plyometrics and he asked me, “Hey man, did you get a trampoline upstairs?  Sounds like there is tons of jumping going on.”

That’s when I knew I needed a change and since I love the Beachbody products so much, I knew I had to find a way to make them work.

So I ended up  putting the Insanity Asylum workouts on my MP3 player–I figured after I watched them a couple times all I needed was Shaun T’s voice  inspiring me to finish the workout. 

Now I needed a place to do the workouts and this was easy for me, because it didn’t matter where I had to work out, I just wanted to bring it!

There is a local park by my house with the new turf field that was my go to workout spot, I’ve worked out at 24 Hour Fitness, I’ve worked out in hotel rooms…I even sometimes work out in the parking garage of my apartment complex!

Several neighbors have entered the Concrete Asylum (my new name for my parking garage)  while I was working out and had very curious looks on their faces and couldn’t quite grasp while I was doubled over on the cement in a pool of my own sweat with a speed ladder and jump rope laying next to me.

I know, Beachbody sells these as at home fitness programs, but as the workouts progress and get harder, so does the space required to properly do the workouts and for some of us that means we have get creative to get in our workouts..

How did you get the videos converted to MP3?

There are several ways to get the audio from your DVD and put in on your MP3 player.  I prefer putting in on a smaller MP3 player like the Ipod Shuffle because with all the intense movements and jumping, a big device will just get in the way.

I hope this helps with those of you who are spatially challenged and still want to get the most out of your workouts!

  1. You can hold up a digital recorder or your cell phone (if it has a voice recording app) to the TV and that will automatically save as an Mp3
  2. You can use software to rip the DVD into a format that will fit on your Ipod/Iphone/Ipad (with video) and then use that same software to convert the video to MP3.   I use Super AV Converter and it has been great.
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