Vlad’s Insanity Results

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Vlad since my early days as a coach. I remember the first day he called me totally out of the blue and told me that Beachbody assigned me as his coach and he wanted some advice.

We started talking nutrition, workouts and getting crazy results. Vlad is in the military in Hawaii and needed to step his game up for his fitness challenges.  Vlad is well seasoned in lifting heavy weights, so the cardio aspect of Insanity was a new challenge for him.

He started Insanity, dialed in his nutrition and you can see the amazing results!

He is 25lbs lighter, kicking some serious butt with his comrades, getting many of them to do Insanity with him and will be tackling Insanity Asylum next!

Vlad- Insanity (60 days) 25 lbs lost and abs showing!


Heath Rocks P90x

Health absolutely rocked P90x in his first round.  See his story below.

I Started off at 250lbs. Ended at 210lbs. Also was drinking Shakeology daily as well as Results and Recovery Formula after workouts.

At least once a week would Mountain bike 10-15 miles with a group of friends on top of the P90X.

Kept track of my diet using MyFitnessPal App on my phone. Only had one break in the P90X cycle due to illness, but picked it right back up where I stopped (it was only a few days).

I’m currently recovering from a minor surgery so I’m not sure that I will be able to start another round on the 13th, but will think about it. My goal is to get under 200lbs and stay there, so I will be doing another round for sure.

Thanks for the encouragement!

P90x- 40 lbs lost

John Makes a Change with P90x

John has always been an avid basketball player and noticed that he was having a tougher time getting up and down the court.  He decided to take the ‘Over the Hill’ Challenge and lost 22 lbs, for a total of 32 lbs in 2012!

He has made health and fitness a priority and will taking on Insanity for the next 60 days!

John Keltner – P90X Experience
I have recently turned 47. Over the last 10+ years I have not paid much attention to my nutrition and physical fitness. In February, Tony invited me to join the P90X Challenge to start in March. I followed his instruction and

• Joined the FaceBook Challenge Group
• Got P90X and Shakeology
• Logged into myfitnesspal.com and started tracking my food intake

Early on, I paced myself. I did not push myself so hard that I either hurt myself or wore myself out, but I continued to press play. I started watching my nutrition. As the program progressed I got lighter and stronger and pushed harder.

With Tony and the Challenge Group’s encouragement I was able to lose 22 lbs. over the 90 days. I have also increased my strength and stamina when playing basketball and working in the yard. More than that, I have gotten closer to my long term goal which is to be a healthier example to my children.

Thanks to Tony inviting me to take the challenge, I have gotten back on track with healthy eating and regular fitness. I am looking forward to the upcoming Insanity Challenge. This has been a life changing experience.


Nicole Gets Insane

Nicole took part in a 60 day Insanity challenge and had absolutely killed it!  Read her story below.

Nicole- Insanity

Hi! My name is Nicole, I am a 25 year old mother of two girls ages 8 and 2. I had always been very petite and fit. I was extremely active all throughout middle and high school as part of the cheerleading squad and color guard.

After I had my first child unexpectedly at 17 years old that all changed. I went from being 100 pounds to 115, then 6 years later I had my second child and went from 115 to 125. I hated the way I looked in my clothes and that I always had to worry about what I could not wear.

Finally I decided it was time to make a change, I started to attend a kickboxing class my local fit club Dance Co. From there I was invited to join a Insanity Challenge that my coach was hosting. I thought “Why not?” I had always seen the infomercials and thought it looked like a good workout.

So I joined at 120 pounds hoping to lose 5 pounds. 60 days later I had lost 13 pounds and a total of 18 inches! I am so proud of myself. Now with the help of my beach body coach Kathy and my mentor Tony , I have so much motivation to continue to get in the best shape I can be in.

I am now planning on starting an Insanity Asylum Challenge this June 18th 2012, and have also signed up as a Independent Beach body Coach. I am so excited to start the next chapter in my transformation story. I just want to pass on and share this incredible gift of fitness and health to everyone I meet. I truly believe it is contagious and well worth it.

Kim Dominates Chalean Extreme

Kim just finished the 90 day Diva Challenge and her results are awesome.  In just 90 days using Chalean Extreme, Kim lost 25.5 pounds and 28.5 inches!

She’s truly been an inspiration to many (starting her own challenge), including her husband who did the challenge with her and lost over 45 pounds.  Read below to see her story and what she is planning on doing next.



Her Story

My name is Kim, I am a 39 year old full-time wife, mother of 3, and business owner.  Growing up I never had to worry about my weight.  I could eat anything I wanted, never work out and always remained “skinny”.

When I had my first child 21 years ago I gained 65 lbs and within 2 months of his birthday I had lost all 65lbs plus 2 additional lbs.

I always thought that I was just very lucky to have the metabolism that I did.  Over the next few years my body started to “settle” a bit.  I went from 125 lbs to 150 and went from a size 3/5 to a 7/9.

In 1998 I got pregnant with my daughter and gained almost 40 lbs. which topped me off at the heaviest I’ve ever been which was around 190 lbs.  After the birth of my daughter, weight remained.  At this point I thought it was just because there was more stress in my life.

Not true.  Over the next 5, 10, 13 years the weight remained.  I went on a bit of a yo-yo for awhile.  I could diet and drop 10-15 lbs, then stop and it would come right back.  I couldn’t get under 165 no matter what I tried.

I was unhappy that my body was unhealthy, I was tired of my clothes feeling tight.  I got to the point where I refused to buy bigger pants, because if I did – that meant I was gaining more weight .  So instead, I squeezed into clothes that were ultimately too small for my body.

The Challenge

In February of 2012 I received an email from Coach Tony with information about a 90 Day Fitness Challenge.  My husband had gotten an email about a week before with the same information.  I was excited from the moment I read it.

I LOVE a Challenge and  I figured it would be a great way to get both myself and my husband off the couch.  What did we have to lose?  $200?  We spend that on junk food, it was worth a try.

I immediately told Coach Tony I was in, went online and ordered ChaLEAN Extreme and Chocolate Shakeology, set up my myfitnesspal account and started tracking my food.  I was READY to get this started.

I am approaching my 40th Birthday this year and I am tired of being “stuffed” into my clothes and being uncomfortable with myself.

Our Challenge started in March, 2012 and I was hooked from Day 1.  I honestly didn’t think I would sweat as much as I did.  (I don’t know why I would think working  out was “easy” – maybe because I had never really done it before).  At the end of Week 1 – I was down 7.5 lbs.

I was amazed at my results and wanted more.  This made me push harder every week and make the right nutritional choices for my body.  I gave up alcohol completely because I found that I would rather eat those calories than drink them.  I continued to see great results week by week.

Becoming a Coach

I then was so impressed that I became a Beachbody Coach as well.

I started a Challenge Group in April 2012 and my ladies are having amazing results as well.  My mom (who is almost 60) is down 26 lbs in just 2 months.  She is “addicted” to her workouts now too.  She has told me that she cannot believe it took her almost 60 years to figure out how to be healthy.  In May, her and I walked our first 5K together and she is already planning our 2nd.

Nick’s Crazy Results

Nick was the first member of what is now Team Pure Athlete.  I’ve been working with Nick for 8+ years both on and off the basketball court and after deciding that he could get a heck of a workout inside his home–Nick did Insanity and then Insanity Asylum by the book and got awesome results.

He has done several rounds of P90x and dabbled in some other workouts and programs, but it wasn’t until he made some diet modifications that he truly go the results he wanted.

Check out his pictures and his story below.  Way to bring it Nick!


My name is Nick, I am 24 years old and have been working with Tony for the last 8 years. When I met Tony I was 16 years old, 6’5″, 160lbs, and could neither dunk a basketball nor could I bench press 135 lbs. I was skinny, slow, and was told that I had no chance of ever playing college basketball.

Tony believed in me and together we spent countless hours in the gym, on the track, and in the weightroom working to achieve my goal of playing in college. Five years later as a senior in college I was a 4 year varsity player, playing in my second Division III NCAA Torunament and I was 215lbs, could windmill dunk, and bench press 225lbs 22 times (more than many of our football players).

All which I could never have done it without the help of Tony.

Nick's P90x, Insanity, Asylum Results!

Once my basketball career ended I made the same mistake that all my teammates did. I assumed that I could continue eating everything in sight like I had in the past.  Not only that, I thought I could start eating all the junk food that I never ate when I played and stay in game shape.

Instead of spending 4+ hours a day working out like I had for the last 6 years, I spent that time sitting out by the pool. I needed a break right? But it was okay because I was at least geting some physical activity, somebody had to get up and flip the burgers and hot dogs on the grill.

I figured I would get back into shape when college ended.  Reality then sank in when I joined the real world and got a desk job, I sat all day and went from fat and tan, to just fat.

I knew I had to make a change when I was playing on an adult league basketball team that I played with every summer when I was back from college–after only 3 trips up and down the court I was so tired I wanted to sub myself out.

Just as I had before I called Tony up and told him it was time for me to get back in shape.

I was expecting to get back in the gym and on the track but all Tony wanted to talk about was some video and how he was working out in his living room, and I thought he was crazy. I was thinking, “I am sure eight minute abs or whatever is great, but at this point I have about 30 pounds to lose and need to really get serious”.

But Tony was relentless, he kept sending before and after pictures of himself that could have easily been on the hydroxycut commercials that are on TV late at night, and kept telling me that this video workout he was doing was the real deal.

Finally after seeing 235 on the scale I figured what do I have to lose, so I ordered  P90X… and Tony was right– 90 days later I felt great. I had dropped 20 pounds, I could jump again and I could see my abs again.

Just as they had in basketball, my competitive juices started flowing and I started pushing my body to see how ripped I could get. So I did another round of P90X and added some more plyo work, and I was hooked, I was seeing great results and could not wait to finish my next workout to see the next change my body would make.

I wanted to really take things to the next level so I called Tony looking for more, he got me eating better and told me about Insanity and the Insanity Asylum.

I have just finished a 180 day program in which I did all 3 programs back to back to back and have not looked this way since my college basketball years.

I look forward to continuing to strive to get in better shape with the help of Tony and Beachbody…it’s crazy what you can accomplish from home.

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