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Hi Team,

It’s almost April and  we are only 100 days away from summer which means bathing suit season is right around the corner.  To help prepare for this, Beachbody has some pretty awesome deals going on for the remainder of this month.

I do not mean for this post to be a sales pitch, but rather want you to take advantage of the awesome savings for this month.


Coach Tony and Tony Horton at a charity benefit in 2012

Have you ever wanted to try P90x or have you done P90x and you are ready to take it to the next level with P90x2?  If so, you are in luck as both are on sale for the first time ever through March.

In all of my time with Beachbody, I have never seen a discount on these two programs and now you can save over $80.

Want to know if these programs really work?  You can see my P90x2 results video HERE

The discounted programs will come in a Challenge Pack with amazing savings and some extras:

  • Complete Workout DVD programs with nutrition guides
  • 1 Month of Shakeology*
  • FREE shipping
  • 1 month FREE membership to the TeamBeachbody Club
  • and unlimited and FREE coaching, motivation and support from me, Coach Tony Freccero

By purchasing your challenge pack before the end of the month, you will receive a total savings of over $80 and you will be locked in to receive Shakeology at its current price.  Please see next section for Shakeology price increase details.

Just login to your TeamBeachbody account and hit the button below to receive your savings.  This offer is only good until March 31st, 2013

Order P90x

Order P90x2


Shakeology Price Increase

shakeopriceStarting April 1st, the cost of the non-vegan Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology will increase by $10 to $129.95 while the price for the Vegan Chocolate and Tropical will stay the same.

Please see the FAQ’s at the bottom of this post.

The price has not changed in the 4 years that Shakeology has been on the market and due to rising shipping costs, ingredient sourcing and overall inflation–Beachbody has decided to have a slight increase so they can continue to offer free shipping on all HD orders.

Good news, the price increase won’t affect you as long you get on Shakeology HD before the end of the month

That’s right, you can lock in the $119.95 price if you get on and stay on HD.  You will be locked into that price for life as long as you continue on HD.

You will save over $22 per order when you factor in the free shipping for being on HD.

And if you want info on how to save money on your Shakeology with a coach account, send me an email at pureathletefitness@gmail.com and I can explain to you how that works.  The retail price you can lock in at is $119, but the coach price is $89.

Watch the video below to see all the amazing superfoods and benefits to drinking Shakeology daily and how over time, it will actually save you time and money and will be the healthiest meal you put into your body every day.



Below are the FAQ’s from Beachbody (which I think I’ve summarized already above, but just in case you have further questions) =

I heard the price of Shakeology is going up. Is that true?

– Yes. Effective April 1, 2013, the price of Chocolate (regular ONLY) and Greenberry will increase by $10—from $119.95 to $129.95.

When does the price increase go into effect?

– April 1, 2013

How does this affect cost per serving?

– Currently, the cost per serving (to a customer) is about $4.00. That will only increase by 33 cents to $4.33—which is still in line with daily cost of a Starbucks® latte, Naked® fruit drink, or other routine purchase. Only Shakeology is a WAY better value.

How much will I save by locking in the original price on HD?

– $22/month! ($10 per order + $12 on shipping and handling)

Will the increase affect bags, single-serve packets, and combo packs?

– Yes. All of the above.

Which Shakeology flavors will be affected?

– ONLY Chocolate (regular) and Greenberry. The price ($129.95) of our Vegan flavors will not change.

Will the price increase affect Challenge Packs?

– No. Challenge Pack prices will not change after April 1st, regardless of which Shakeology flavor your customer chooses. However, after the initial Challenge Pack purchase, the monthly price will be $129.95.

I’m already on HD for Chocolate or Greenberry. Will I be subject to the price increase?

– Good news! If you’re already on HD for either Chocolate or Greenberry (or alternating), you will NOT be affected by price increase. You’ll continue to pay $119.95/month for life—as long as you never cancel your HD subscription.

I bought Shakeology before, but I’m not currently on HD. Will I be able to lock in the original price after April 1st?

– No. Whether you purchased previously or not, if you’re not on HD before April 1, 2013, you will be subject to the new price. In fact, after April 1st, ALL new one-time purchases and HD subscriptions will cost $129.95.

Why is the price of Shakeology going up?

– We’re raising the price for three reasons: 1) to counteract the rising costs of fuel, shipping, and ingredients, 2) so we can continue to offer FREE shipping with HD orders, and 3) to preserve the integrity of our ingredients (rather than skimping or ordering from lower quality sources).

*This will put you on Autoship Home Direct and Shakeology will be sent to you each month and you will be automatically billed.  Being on Home Direct before April will also lock you into the $119.95 price for the Chocolate and Greenberry flavors, as prices will go up to $129,95 April 1st.  As long as you stay on Home Direct, you will not pay the increased price.  Also, being on Home Direct qualifies you for FREE shipping

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